As a General Contractor with over 20 years experience, we advise our Clients to consult with us on all issues regarding the maintenance, repair, remodeling, alteration or addition of their existing home and also from the design process on a new home.

Our attention to details ensures that your home will be the best workmanship possible whether we are building your first home or your dream home. Your home will look and perform well for years to come and we have the references to back up our claims. Give us a call and let’s discuss your plans and goals today.


Lanni Construction, Inc. is capable of efficiently handling your commercial needs and meeting your budget by competitive pricing. Whether it is a leasehold improvement in an existing building or strip mall, a remodel in an existing office or simple modifications let us complete your commercial project needs.

We employ the best Project Management programs available to ensure that your project is on time and within budget. We expedite our projects quickly and keep them moving throughout the process.


No matter how big the renovation Lanni Construction is there for your every need. If you have an existing home that you love or restaurant that needs updating Lanni Construction is there to help. We offer entire-home renovations to create a modern custom home that you’ll love. We also offer commercial and industrial remodeling to move your business in the right direction. We can do everything from demolishing and removing, to using existing structural supports to modify and shape your dream home or commercial building. Contact Lanni Construction to learn more about our Remodeling and Renovations. We offer free consultation in the North Eastern Region of Florida.

Home Addition
Are you a growing family or find your current residence insufficient to your needs? Lanni Construction is the home addition contractor who can build the space your family needs. We are experienced with the construction of home additions of all sizes, garages/workshops and decks/patios. With our free consultation we can discuss your concerns and offer our certified professional guidance on the best way to complement your existing structure. Take the stress out of the addition and let Lanni Construction be your personal builder.


Questions about possibilities or potential challenges? We are here to help you
If you are contemplating new construction, existing challenges, remodeling or repairs, give us a call. We listen to your needs and make you aware of the options and ramifications. Further your knowledge through our expertise and experience and let us help you make the right decisions. If you are searching for real estate to build your dream home, restaurant or commercial building, we can help you through your due diligence so you can find the right property. Building defects? We can help you locate that persistent water leak, offer a solution to that structural failure and employ the right architects and engineers to remedy the situation. We will also help you with your existing construction through evaluation and identify potential inefficiencies. We have a strong passion for forensic construction, and we are ready to help you. Give us a call and set up an appointment today.